• Amenities and Services
    Amenities and Services

Amenities and Services

At all of the Manzini properties our ultimate goal is for you to experience an unforgettable time in and around Marloth Park, Mpumalanga. This page has been created to provide you with a number of services & amenities to complement your self-catering stay with us.

Manzini also offers to connect you with a host of sporting facilities which includes Tiger Fishing, Quad Bike Riding, Panorama Day Tours and many more to choose from the Activities page. Some services or amenities may not be available on the premises and may incur additional costs for you the guest’s own account. Please view the available services and amenities below.

General Services

Mobile Phones: Mobile phone Signal ranging from medium to strong, depending on service provider.

Internet: Free Wi FI 

  • Roads: There are two access road into Marloth park the first access road into gate one is a medium to good dirt road and is suitable for most vehicles. The second access road is fully tarred and you can gain access via gate two. It is advised that for 4x4 trails the appropriate vices are used.
  • Languages of this Area: English, Afrikaans, isiNdebele, siSwati, Xitsonga
  • Fuel Refill: Petrol and diesel Available in Olifant’s Road the main road in Marloth Park and the only tar road, all other roads are dirt roads.

Manzini Properties Available Services

  • Late check-out available on request and approval of Manzini Management.
  • Open air parking per chalet/unit (no charge).
  • Outdoor splash pools at all Manzini properties - not heated
  • Pets – No Pets allowed
  • Booking of Activities for example; Tiger Fishing, Mountain Bikes, Shuttle Services, Day Tours etc.
  • Operating hours are between 07h00 – 21h00
  • Free Wi Fi

Nearby Facilities within Marloth Park

Marloth Park offers a few restaurants you can discover and explore places like: Amazing River View Restaurant, Jabula Restaurant or Phumula Restaurant as well as a few others.

The park also offers two mini shopping centres named; The Bush Centre & The Marlothi Shopping Centre. Both are located within Marloth Park on Olifant Road, the main road and the only tarred road within the park. Below is some of the services provided by each of the centres.

The Bush Centre can be visited for the below:

Bike Rentals
Bottle Store
Car Wash
DIY tool Rentals
Feed & Game store
Field Security
General Store
Gift Store, Bakery
Hair Salon
Hardware Store
Mini Golf
Pizza Hut
Pool Supplies
Supermarket - Grocery Store
Swimming pool
Take Away
Tin Shack Outdoor Restaurant
Water Store
Watergat Restaurant & Pub with TV

The Marlothi Shopping Centre can be visited for the below:

Bottle Store
Car Wash
Crafts & Gifts
Internet Café
Petrol Station
Pole Yard
Post Office
Tin Shack Restaurant & Pub

Opening & Closing Times for Some of the Favourite Areas to Visit


Mozambique - Opening & Closing Times for all Access Points throughout the year.

Mozambique Border Post        South Africa Border Post            Opening Hours

Pafuri                                       Pafuri                                          08:00-16:00

Giriyonda                                 Giriyonda       Oct-March            08:00-16:00

                                                                      April-Sept              08:00-15:00

Ressano Garcia                       Lebombo                                    06:00-24:00

Ponta do Ouro                          Kosi Bay                                    08:00-16:00


Swaziland - Opening & Closing Times for all Access Points throughout the year.

Swaziland Border Post            South Africa Border Post            Opening Hours

Mananga                                 Mananga                                     07:00-18:00

Matsamo                                 Jeppe's Reef                               07:00-20:00

Bulembu                                  Josefsdal                                    08:00-16:00

Ngwenya                                 Oshoek                                       07:00-22:00

Lundzi                                     Waverley                                     08:00-16:00

Sandlane                                 Nerston                                      08:00-18:00

Sicunusa                                 Emahlathini                                 08:00-18:00

Gege                                       Bothashoop                                 08:00-16:00

Mahamba                                Mahamba                                    07:00-22:00

Salitje                                      Onverwacht                                 08:00-18:00

Golela                                     Lavumisa                                     07:00-22:00


Kruger National Park - Opening & Closing Times for all Entrance Gates

To avoid any disappointment especially in peak seasons see below a list of all the opening and closing times for the Kruger National Park entrance gates. The times do change a little through the year as the park opens thirty minutes earlier in the summer times and close thirty minutes later thus including the beautiful sun rise and sun set moments.


Months                      Opening Hours               Closing Hours

January                    5:30am                            6:30pm

February                   5:30am                            6:30pm

March                       5:30am                            6:00pm

April                          6:00am                            6:00pm

May                           6:00am                            5:30pm

June                          6:00am                            5:30pm

July                           6:00am                            5:30pm

August                      6:00am                            6:00pm

September               6:00am                            6:00pm

October                    5:30am                            6:00pm

November                 5:30am                           6:30pm

December                 5:30am                           6:30pm


Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate into the Kruger National Park

The Crocodile bridge gate is about 20 minutes from Marloth Park, The Crocodile Bridge entrance gate to the Kruger National Park is the closest entrance into the park from Marloth Park.


Malelane Entrance Gate into the Kruger National Park

The Malelane entrance gate into the Kruger National Park is approximately 30 minutes from Marloth Park.